PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)

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PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair) V2

PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)

PersonalAssistant V2

There are already many addons out there that support Auto-Repair or Auto-Gold-Deposit functionalities, but none of them had the features I'd like to have seen. Because of that, PersonalAssistant was born.

After a two year long break from ESO, I finally managed to complete the major refactoring that started back in 2017. But not only that, I also added many more features that I could not even have thought of back then. I hope you will have as much fun using this addon, like I had working on it!

PA General

Up to twenty different account-wide profiles per module that can be created/copied/deleted/renamed *NEW* (2.5.11)
Shortcut to travel to your home (if available)

PA Banking

Currencies (gold, alliance points, ...) can be withdrawn from and deposited to your bank
Crafting materials can be withdrawn from and deposited to your bank (if you are not ESO Plus Subscriber)
Create your own custom rules and decide how many of each item to keep in bank or inventory
Other selected items such as motifs, recipes, writs, glyphs, trophies etc. can be withdrawn from and deposited to your bank
Select if items with [Intricate] trait should be transferred from/to the bank
Define a specific amount of lockpicks, repair kits or soul gems to always keep in inventory or the bank
Be always ready for Cyrodiil and define how many AvA items to keep in inventory

PA Integration

Limited support for FCO ItemSaver regarding "Marked for selling" and "Locked" marks

PA Junk

Trash items can be marked as junk
Items with the "sell to merchant" information can be marked as junk
Treasures (such as the ones found when stealing) can be marked as junk
Items with [Ornate] trait can be marked as junk
Weapons, Armor, Jewelries, or Glyphs below a certain quality level can be marked as junk (quality threshold can be defined)
Junk can be sold at merchants and fences
Save time and use keybinding shortcuts to mark items as junk or directly destroy them
Mark any item as permanent junk so you never have to deal with it again
Items below a definable sell value can also be destroyed instead of marked as junk *NEW* (2.5.11)

PA Loot

Informs you when an unknown recipe is looted
Informs you when an unknown motif/page is looted
Informs you when an item with a not yet researched trait is looted
Informs you when a set item is looted that is not yet part of your set collection *NEW* (2.5.11)
Informs you when you are running out of inventory space (threshold can be defined)
Visually indicates if a recipe, motif, trait, or style page is known (or not) to the current character

PA Repair

Repairs your items for you when you visit a merchant (threshold can be defined)
Repairs your items out on the field when you have (non-crown) repair kits available (threshold can be defined)
Recharges your weapons when they run out of charges and you have filled soul gems available
Informs you when you are running out of soul gems, or repair kits (thresholds can be defined)


Please make sure to also install the following required libraries in order to use PersonalAssistant:

LibAddonMenu (2.0 r32 or newer) - For the AddOn settings menu
LibMainMenu-2.0 (4.4.0 or newer) - For the Rules Main Menu
LibCustomMenu (6.9.5 or newer) - For the right-click context menu entries

Optional Dependencies

The following libraries are optional and are not required for PersonalAssistant to work properly, but PersonalAssistant is compatible with them:

LibChatMessage (1.1.3 or newer) - For showing messages in the chat
FCO ItemSaver (2.0.2 or newer) - For considering FCOIS marked items
Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter - For preventing transfers of items needed for daily writs

Denken ist Arbeit, Arbeit ist Energie, Energie soll man sparen!

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